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Black Oak Arkansas

Keep The Faith

If An Angel Came To See You

Raunch and Roll

High On The Hog

Live Mutha

Balls Of Fire

Ain’t Life Grand


Wild Bunch

10 Year Overnight Success

Early Times

Race With The Devil

Hot and Nasty (Best of BOA)

Back Thar and Over Yonder

Black Attack Is Back

Ready As Hell

Black Oak Arkansas Live

Street Party

Rickie Lee

Well, after months in the laboratory, cutting and chopping on words, pictures and ideas… my cute little Frankensite is about ready to be unleashed! Everything here is always mere clay, and the shape of the clay will change with time in order to suit the needs of the webpage, but I’ll always be looking for something that only YOU can give to me…INPUT! If you’re here reading this stuff, it’s because in one way or another… you care. Either you’re a fan or you’re interested or someone in your family is or was a member of the BOA family. (Heck, maybe you just stumbled into the place!)

On this website, though, we are just that. Family. We welcome all lookers and readers and followers and leaders, but some of what we call “BOA KIN” have been with us for decades now, and if ya stick around for any time at all or just drop by to say hello… you might just find that BOA gives out more than just music. I can’t explain it, but maybe one day you’ll understand.

Anyway, enjoy the site and I hope to see suggestions and additions to a lot of the pages here coming from you guys soon. Old pictures, old videos, old stories and links to other BOA stuff are welcome… along with all of the newer things we’ve brought to you and shall continue to share in our time here on planet Earth. It’s gonna be a fun site!

Enjoy the ride!


Rickie Lee Reynolds


In the year 1963, some high school pals decided to get together to form a group because of their love of music. After 53 years, several dozen albums… three of which became gold, one of which became platinum, and one gold single from a song known as “Jim Dandy To The Rescue,” which was told to them to record by none other than Elvis Presley himself (!), this group of friends still manages to stay together. (After talking to Elvis about this song, Black Oak Arkansas was told the following week by their producer Tom Dowd and by their label president Ahmet Ertegun that these two industry giants were also about to ask BOA about recording that same tune! Ahmet himself only personally signed 5 groups to recording contracts in his long, long recording history… and Black Oak Arkansas had the honor of being number 5!) Many testimonials and awards have been presented to this band by everyone from Bill Graham, (who founded and ran Winterland Ballroom and both the Fillmore East and West), to Wolfman Jack from the Midnight Special; from First Lady Betty Ford to President Bill Clinton!

In their long musical history, the BOA boys have shared a stage with the likes of James Gang, Kiss, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Bob Segar, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Black Sabbath, Foghat, Bad Company, Bruce Springsteen, Boston, Iron Butterfly, Grand Funk Railroad, B.B. King, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, The Outlaws, Deep Purple, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker, Buddy Miles, Billy Preston, Jerry Lee Lewis, BTO, Robin Trower, Humble Pie, Earth, Wind and Fire, The Eagles, Blackfoot, Credence Clearwater, Johnnie Winter, Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Steppenwolf, Allman Bros., The Doobie Brothers, Z Z Top, Chuck Berry, Lynyrd Skynyrd , Charlie Daniels, James Brown, Steely Dan, J. Geils Band, Cheech and Chong, Steve Martin, Danny Thomas, Evel Knievel , and the list goes on and on and on! Warner Bros. released a DVD on the early years of the band, and then charged forth with another release of a Black Oak Arkansas DVD live at Royal Albert Hall in London! BOA has donated many hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities in their career, and both the mayor of Little Rock and the governor of the State of Arkansas even declared a “Black Oak Arkansas Day” on October 6th. There is now a permanent display in the Arkansas State Museum and the Barton Coliseum in Little Rock, Arkansas dedicated to the band.