Jett Skiing!!!

The following story was originally dated April 17th, 2000.

Howdy neighbors! Well, it’s me again! I was talking to my old road manager Ronnie Smith on-line the other day–and we started reminiscing about a story that happened to the both of us a long time ago,
so I thought I might share it with you. This story also has as a main character my good and longtime friend, Mr. Harvey Jett. He’s a real piece of work. I miss him a lot.

I call this little ditty–

Jett Skiing!!!

Once long ago… in the far-off land of Arkansas–in the days before disco,(also known as the good ol’ days!), there was a group of pals. Everything was starting to go right for them–and they often thought of themselves as indestructible.


One of these pals was I. Myself and my brothers Ronnie Smith, Stanley Knight and Mr. Harvey Jett decided to go skiing one day. Stan had a nice little ski boat at that time with a Mercury Black Max on the back end a’ pushin’ us around. It’s was the biggest outboard motor that Merc had at that time. We was a’ flyin’!!!!

I drove for a while and let Stan and Harv ski–Then Ronnie (also known as Chickiehawk) would drive while Harv and I would ski. Finally, Hawk and I wanted to ski together. Harvey said he would drive.


We got up with no problem at all because of the incredible torque the fine engine had with such a small craft. We were crisscrossing and doing tricks and havin’ a fine old time. Suddenly we look up to see a channel marker zooming past us at about 50 M.P.H.!!


For those of you who don’t ski or boat very much, let me explain about a channel marker, (Harvey–read this VERY carefully!!). A channel marker is set out in the water to show you that a change of depth is fixin’ to happen!! And boy, did it ever!!Harvey later said he thought someone was running a trot line for fishing!! NOT!!

We look down below our skis, and see the bottom of the lake! We are SUPPOSED to be in 50 feet of water, and we are NOT SUPPOSED to see the bottom of the lake! We franticly start to wave at Harvey as quickly as possible, yelling the whole time! Harvey hears us–turns around–AND WAVES BACK!! Damn!!

We start screaming at him and pumping our hands up and down to signal him to stop, (the bottom is now only 10 feet below our skis!!).


Harvey sees us—and believes that this is a signal for him to speed up!! He does. Damn!!

We are now in BIG trouble! Only four feet beneath our skis are rocks!! Rocks!! Rocks!!

Some are the size of my head! Some are the size of my car!! And here we are, now doin’ about 60 M.P.H., with the water now about three feet deep–and getting shallower!!!!!

At this point, if we fall—we die.

What do you think happened???

Well, obviously since I’m writing this goofy story–I did not die.
Hawk and I hear a grinding sound up ahead, and look up to see that Harv has run the boat aground on a sandbar!! We now have no choice but to let go of the ski rope and pray!!

I never knew that God looked after idiots on skis until that day!!
Rocks were still under us as we began to slow down and sink into the shallow water. About 2 seconds before disaster struck–we, too, crossed the last of the rocks and skidded to a stop in ankle-deep water on the edge of the sandbar!! WHEW!!

We literally stepped off of our skis–and walked up to the boat—where Harvey was laughing his skinny ass off!!


We grab him out of the grounded craft–and chuck his ass into the lake!!!
Then, and ONLY then, did we laugh, too.

Harvey, love ya son, but next time—-


Well, friends, that’s about it for this go-round. Lots of Black Oak Arkansas shows comin’ up soon, and I hope I get to meet you at one of them. Take care of each other.

Rickie Lee