Black Oak Arkansas


Genre: Southern Rock Year: 1971

  1. “Uncle Lijiah” – 3:17
  2. “Memories at the Window” – 3:05
  3. “The Hills of Arkansas” – 3:45
  4. “I Could Love You” – 6:10
  5. “Hot and Nasty” – 2:55 (Daugherty-Jett-Knight-Reynolds-Smith-Stone)
  6. “Singing the Blues” – 2:17 (Melvin Endsley)
  7. “Lord Have Mercy on My Soul” – 6:15
  8. “When Electricity Came to Arkansas” – 4:26

  • Jim “Dandy” Mangrum: Lead Vocals, Washboard
  • Rickie “Ricochet” Reynolds: 12-string Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
  • Pat “Dirty” Daugherty: Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Harvey “Burley” Jett: Lead Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Vocals
  • Stanley “Goober” Knight: Lead & Steel Guitar, Vocals
  • Wayne “Squeezebox” Evans: Drums

Uncle Lijiah

Oh Uncle Lijiah, Uncle Lijiah
He’s still alive.
Oh Uncle Lijiah, Uncle Lijiah
A hundred and five.

There was a time early in life
when he gambled the game,
and he carried a knife.
And he was winnin’ that very night.
He cussed the devil, yes he cussed him good
He swore he’d lick ’em
Yes he swore he could
and he dared him to come to him if he would. Yeah!


It was early in the mornin’
when he got to bed
to rest his weary, gamblin’ head
when he heard the angry words his pappy said.
“Lijiah, go and fetch some wood!”
He heard his words
and up he stood
even tho it hurt, he knew he should.


Outside he heard the rattle of chains
and he ran from someone
he thought insane
as he heard the devil
callin’ out his name.
The devil grabbed his suspenders well
and he trembled
as he felt the hand from hell
and he let out with a hairy yell.

He jumped in bed
with his Maw and Paw
and he told them that
the devil was in Arkansas
and he told ’em he’d
quit gamblin’
or break the law.


Memories at the Window

I went to the Window
to look for some memories we had.
But it seemed that the window
had lost all its meaning
that’s sad.
I gazed thru the window
but things didn’t look like before.
For the things I used to see
I know I’ll see them no more.

Some of these things may seem
so unimportant and small.
But to the one’s who love them most,
like the trees they are tall.
For it was there that I first saw
the things I most wanted in life,
And to see them again
would ease any toil and strife.

Come on now woman
if you want me
then I’ll want you.
I’ll want you.
if you’ll have me
then I’ll have you.
I’ll have you.

I went to the window
to look for some memories we had.
But it seemed that the window
had lost all its meaning
that’s sad.
I gazed thru the window
but things didn’t look like before.
For the things I used to see
I know I’ll see them no more.

The Hills of Arkansas

There’s a girl that I recall
in the hills of Arkansas.
Her eyes were green. Her eyes were brown.
She had the prettiest eyes around.
Then we walked with smoke in hand
we saw the beauty of the land
Times were good and times were bad
but time was one thing
that we both had, Sure was!

She turned me on to love that night.
She turned me on to what was right.
She turned me on to love that night.
She held me close. She held me tight.

Oh lucky day and lovely nights
We saw the beauty
from the mountain’s heights
There came the fall
there came the spring
there came our love
Can ya hear it sing?
Sure can!

I Could Love You

If you’re feelin’ … what I’m feelin’ …
It would be all right
But if you’re feelin’ … what I’m feelin’
Then we’re high, high, high

I could love you
I could love you
I could love you

Hot ‘N’ Nasty

Yeah, they call me yeah Hot ‘n’ Nasty
Yeah, they call me uh Mister Fancy
Yeah when you ball me
Yeah, you’re hot ‘n’ nasty
Oh when you ball me
You’re Miss Fancy! Right!

When I come a knockin’ at your door
let me in and I’ll tell you some more
no two men are ever the same
and they tell me Jim Dandy
is my name.


They say Jim Dandy is my name
They say Jim Dandy is my fame
Always to blame
Always to blame
And always just the same
Yeah, Hot ‘n” Nasty


Singing the Blues

Chorus 1
I never felt more like singin’ the blues
cause I never thought that I’d ever loose your lovin’
ya got me singin’ the blues.

I never felt more like cryin’ all night
when everything’s wrong
and nothin’ is right without you
Ya got me singin’ the blues

Chorus 2
The moon and stars no longer shine
The love is gone I thought was mine
There’s nothing left for me to do
But cry over you.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Chorus 1

This is for you, J C!

Lord Have Mercy on my Soul

Now there’s somethin’ I’d like to talk to you about at this particular moment, and that’s about the one thing that we won’t be able to do together. Unless we all become as one. And if we all become as one, then we can walk through it together. Now I ain’t walked thru it all the way yet. But there was a time I walked into it, and I had to go into it alone, that’s this place called the Halls of Karma. Now when you go into the Halls of Karma the way I did, I don’t know, it might have been hallucination, but I think it was real. You see I felt the presence of the two energies: the positive and the negative; of God and the Devil, however you want it. And they were pullin’ and decidin’ and wondering what to do with my soul, and I couldn’t take this at this moment ’cause I had to come back to be with you people to do a thing and I proved to ’em, in bargainin’ with ’em that I had a thing to do for the good of us all. Out of this bargain, the devil, he got my body for the good in his needs while I’m here on earth and the Lord, he’s got my mind for the good of the universe and for the good of man. And they both got me in between ’cause they both got my soul. So the next time I come up, I want the Lord to Please have mercy on my soul!

I walked through the Halls of Karma
I shook hands with both the Devil and God
They turned mu eyes to the inside to see
where my energies have gone
Yes, I’ve run with both all through my life
I’ve respected and reflected them both
Yes, the sympathy of God as he looked at my life
the excitement of the Devil as we talked

So Lord have Mercy
Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

The Devil said, “Scratch my back and I’ll
scratch your back for sure.”
So you have done all these sins for him
my heart could not be pure.
I found out what means more to me
than anything on this earth
to be ready for my judgement day
Ready to face the truth

So Lord have Mercy
Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

I hope I’ve done the right things
for both your sake and mine
I’m reaching for another level,
my only fear is fear of time
I want it to look logical
to both my maker and his host
but this trip of life must be complete
or my cards will be lost

So Lord have Mercy
Lord Have Mercy On My Soul

When Electricity Came to Arkansas