Early Times

Genre: Rock Style: Rock & Roll, Southern Rock Year: 1974

Someone Something3:07
When I’m Gone5:52
Let Us Pray2:53
Sly Fox3:42
Mean Woman (If You Ever Blues)2:47
No One And The Sun3:57
Collective Thinking3:14
Older Than Grandpa3:00

Jim "Dandy" Mangrum - lead vocals
Rick Reynolds - 6 string and 12 string guitar, piano, strings, harmonica, xylophone, organ and vocals
Pat Daugherty - bass and vocals
Harvey Jett - lead guitar, keyboard and vocals
Stanley Knight - lead guitar and steel guitar
Jimmy Henderson - lead guitar
Wayne Evans - drums
Tommy Aldridge - drums
The Memphis Horns - brass
Steve Cropper - backup guitar

Someone Something

Someone is waitin’ there for me, oh, yeah
Someone who’s been reading what I say, yeah
She’s waiting for the reason
I can’t live without her
She’s waiting for the reason
I can’t do without her in my life, in my life

Someone someone

And I’m never gonna see her again
No I’m never gonna see her again

Something I’m wishin’ for is real, oh yeah, yeah
Something I’ll always have to steal, yeah
Something I’ve been wanting
I can’t do without it
There’s something
That’s been hauntin’ me and it’s got into
My soul, to my soul

Someone someone

When I’m Gone

And as people stand around, watchin’ me
Knowin’ that I have to go
I keep thinkin’ of times we used to know
I wonder, what will happen to you?
When I’m gone, when I’m gone

As I’m leavin’, I won’t say goodbye
Sad farewells are not for me
I’ll just wonder if this is what should be
And I wonder what will happen to me?
When I’m gone, when I’m gone

I will wander through the countryside
Havin’ nothin’ else to do
I won’t think a thought
My mind is turnin’ blue
And I wonder, what will happen to you?
When I’m gone, when I’m gone

Let Us Pray

I was walkin’ down the road a carryin’
The load that my father had a given me
The night before I packed and left the home
Of my childhood, home of my birth
The place in the back of the store
Where we would work
Until the night time darkness
Brought the end of day
Now, let us pray

When my brother was a kid
Well he often went and hid in the backyard
Settin’ at the feet of my father
And my mother would appear
Oh to sooth away the fear
That my father had a started
Pretty soon the trouble parted
And while sittin’ at the evenin’ supper table
He’d say now let us pray!

Oh, pray for me burly

Now I travel all alone
A thinkin’ of the home
That my mom and dad were given
In the times they were livin’
And the backyard swing and the happiness
Is bringin’ out a whole bunch of presents
For the holiday
Remember mom and daddy
Are livin’ and it’s time now to say
Let us pray

Our religion is music

Sly Fox

Old Raven had a lunch of cheese
And sly fox did smell it in the breeze
The fox looked up and sweetly spoke

O Raven, on your perch of oak
Your coat is black and your beak is yellow
If only now your voice were mellow
Yes if only your voice were mellow
You’d be the fairest. Be the fairest
Be the fairest, in the woods

Ole raven overjoyed by praise
And sure he’d earned it in all ways
Breathed in deep and let a croak
And dropped the luncheon from the oak

Snatchin’ of this tasty prize
Sly ole’ fox was very wise
To fall for flattery
Good bird
You know it’s vanity it’s vanity
It’s vanity
It must have hurt

Which lessened if you please
Undoubtedly as with the cheese
A bit too late the raven swore
The road would never cheat him no more

Mean Woman (If You Ever Blues)

If you ever wonder how I’ll be
Call on me, now
I told myself better than
Anyone that I see
Ain’t no mean woman
Ever gonna let me be no…

If you ever think of me at night
It’s all right now
But your out lookin’
The daytime don’t look bright
Cause mean ole’ woman
Your personality is a fright girl
A fright girl

If you ever look at me
And smile all the while now
It may be near
But it might as well be a mile
‘Cause mean ole’ woman
I just don’t like your style, no
Oh, style no!

If you ever want to see me near
Be sincere now
The way your actin’
Is just one thing that fear
Mean woman
You’re just pretendin’ that you’re a dear girl

No One And The Sun

In the evenings days don’t seem too long
Happiness is fading into dawn

No one sees it, such simplicity
No one sees it but me

In the afternoons I sometimes see
Images of suns that wait for me

No one sees it, such simplicity
No one sees it but me

But every sun that shines its light
It shines its light for me
And every morning sun will break
Lookin’ to the sea
And every day the sun will stay
Until it has to leave me
When there comes an evenin’

In the evenings leaves are folding in
And we wonder where the time has been

No one sees it, such simplicity
No one sees it but me

But every mornin’ sun that shines
It shines its light for me
And every rainbow on its rays
Ready to be free

And every day the sun will stay
Till it has to leave me

When there comes, yeah, the evenin’
Yeah, oh, the evenin’ has come and gone my friend


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Collective Thinking

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Older Than Grandpa

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