Soybean and Stanley ‘a jammin’ !

Tommy slammin’

It’s Jim Dandy time!

Crouching tiger!

Jimmie and Stan… sharin’ some licks

Jimmie jammin’

There’s never enough Dandy to go around!

What cho lookin’ at?

Ms. Ruby Starr!!!

Jim and Pat

Who the heck is that young feller?

Band pic

Rickie Lee in Brazil with 1.5 million other folks!

Rick and Pat doing an ad for Ampeg

J.D. himself


Publicity shot of Jim

Old band publicity photo

Mr. Stanley Knight

Rickie Lee and Pat…grinnin’

Jim Dandy in action!

More Dandy!

The many faces of Jim Dandy!

Ruby and Jim at the Cal Jam

He gave me water!

Stanley in the later years

Jim and Rick… pals.

A very young Johnnie Bolin

Rickie Lee, George Klein and Jim

My bro Arthur!

Early Dandy!

BOA in Oakland, AR at the post office we owned

Being awarded two gold albums by Atlantic/Atco

Shawn Lane

Wayne, Harvey, Jim and Pat… goofin’ ’round!

Jim Dandy in a Vikings hat

Mister Johnnie Bolin!

Crowd a plenty!