Hot & Nasty: The Best of Black Oak Arkansas

Genre: Rock Style: Southern Rock Year: 1992

1.“Mean Woman (If You Ever Blues)”2:51
2.“Uncle Lijah”3:20
3.“Hot and Nasty”2:57
4.“Lord Have Mercy on My Soul”6:13
5.“When Electricity Came to Arkansas”5:41
6.“Keep the Faith”3:13
7.“Fever in My Mind”2:53
8.“Hot Rod”3:24
9.“Gravel Roads”3:12
10.“Mutants of the Monster”6:08
11.“Jim Dandy”2:41
12.“Happy Hooker”5:32
13.“Son of a Gun”4:33
15.“Everybody Wants to See Heaven “Nobody Wants to Die””3:07
16.“Diggin’ for Gold”3:36
18.“So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”2:34