Ramblin’ With Rickie Lee

Hi gang!

What we have here is a collection of stories and tales that have happened to ol’ Rickie Lee at one time or another, and have most likely made me who I am today! From time-to-time, I’ll have guests pop in and out of these rascals to share bits of memory and experiences with y’all. Some of these Ramblin’s will be funny… and some may bring a tear to your eye. All are as close to true as I remember, and if not exact in fact… it’s in the same neighborhood! Some of y’all who have been around ol’ Rickie Lee for awhile may have heard some of these already, but I’m told that you never get tired of ’em. Every once in awhile I’ll be adding a new one atcha, so tune in every wee bit to see what’s up! Your life is an adventure, my friends. Live it… and may it bring you joy.

Rickie Lee


A Truck, A House and the Lake City Bridge

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"Jimi Hendrix and the Panama Red"

I call this episode:”Jimi Hendrix and the Panama Red”

Many moons ago, there lived an incredible musician named Jimi Hendrix. (You may have heard of him!)
He was scheduled to do a couple of shows here in Memphis, TN. and at that time his bass player and good friend of ours,...Read More »

A Bolt out of the Blue

Early September- 2008

Hi gang. Well, it’s just about Fall here in the ol’ South, and for some reason or another… the Summer has seemed to have just flown by so quickly. I remember being much younger, and time seemed to drag by so slowly. Nowadays…
everybody’s tryin’ to hold on...Read More »

Chasing A Rainbow!

Wrote in the beautiful month of May in the year 2008.

Hi gang! Man, what incredible weather we’ve got here in Memphis today! It’s so beautiful outside that I’ve decided that I’ll write about one of my three favorite things.
Now let’s see… one of ‘em is illegal,
so I think...Read More »

Berry Stoned

Late March of 2006-
Hi again gang! Well, here we are headed full throttle into spring again. We’ve been off of the road for a while now this winter, but we have been in the studio every chance that we get to work on this new CD. Now we’ve got gig...Read More »

Me and Moe

August 6th, 2005

Hi gang! Well, I’m in a really strange mood here. I just finished watching the movie that some fine actors, (in my opinion!), did on the life of the Three Stooges. I thought it was great! I love those guys,
and my son Chris C. freaks for...Read More »

Jett Skiing!!!

The following story was originally dated April 17th, 2000.

Howdy neighbors! Well, it’s me again! I was talking to my old road manager Ronnie Smith on-line the other day–and we started reminiscing about a story that happened to the both of us a long time ago,
so I thought I might...Read More »

The Night Of The Scarecrow!

August of 2008

Hi gang. I just came off of the road with Jim Dandy, and while we were drivin’ down the ol’ highway headed home… we started tellin’ old high school stories of when we were kids… when we were young… when Rock was young. I wanna tell ya’ll one...Read More »


The following tale was originally told on July 9th, 2000.

Hi neighbors! All my friends keep on yellin’ “Tell me a story, tell me a story!”, so I reckon that’s what I’m gonna do! So everybody gather ’round—-
get nice and cozy— and listen up to a little tale
that I...Read More »

The Incredible Watermelon Bandits!!!

The following story was originally dated July 10th, 1999.

Howdy neighbors! Well, it’s me again. This time, I’ve got a short little tale for you which, although diminutive in length, is one of my lovely wife’s’ favorites. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as she does.
Let’s see,...Read More »