2019 Tour Dates



🙂 Jan 20, 2019

January 20th at White Water Tavern in Little Rock Arkansas at the 38th Anniversary for Nightflying entertainment magazine. Starring Black Oak Arkansas! More Info Soon






🙂 Oct 20, 2018

October 20th in North Little Rock AR
at Four Quarter Bar


🙂 Oct 27, 2018

October 27th in Memphis at Rockhouse Live on Sycamore View Rd. Rickie Lee Reynolds Birthday Bash! 


Nov 11, 2018

November 11th in Mexico City at The Forum.

🙂 Nov 17, 2018

November 17th at Knuckleheads in Kansas City, Mo

🙂 N Dec 1, 2018

December 1st in Palm Bay, Florida at Palm Bay Harley-Davidson


Aug 4, 2018

Eddie’s Bar & Grill, Granite City, Illinois *





Aug 5, 2018

Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago, Illinois *
BLACK OAK ARKANSAS is back in the windy City for one night only! Details soon!




April 15 2018

26th Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival – Memphis Tn *

April 7 2018

Sounds Good – Memphis Tn *

BLACK OAK ARKANSAS will be playing along with other bands at Sounds Good on Cooper Ave. Saturday Night April 7th. Who knows what will happen. You might even hear a new song or two. Visit www.facebook.com/SoundsGoodMemphis for more information.

April 23rd…

Back Oak Arkansas will be jammin’ down at the Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival in Memphis, TN , located at Ol’ Man River… the Mississippi!!!! Fun, food and good music for all ages. Bring your family, your ears and your appetite! DONE!

May 4th…

Well gang, it looks like we’re gonna be headed back to good ol’ Ft. Smith, Arkansas to play a few tunes for y’all at the Sound Room. I can’t remember anytime that I EVER had anything but a great time in Ft. Smith! This should be another one! See ya there. DONE!


June 10th…

On this day in history, Black Oak Arkansas will be throwin’ down HARD for a Veterans Bike Rally near Bowling Green, Kentucky! They have this event every year on the second Saturday in June, and this year… we are lucky enough to be invited to the party! This event will be somewhere between Bowling Green and Glasgow…. a location and map forthcoming and definitely outdoors! Ya ain’t gotta hair if ya don’t come!! More info soon…

DONE! It was a beautiful party with incredible people, and they even gave me a plaque!! Maybe we’ll have the pleasure of doin’ this again real soon!


June 17th…

Once again we find ourselves headed out to Sioux City, Iowa, home of Johnnie Bolin! It’s gonna be a party! The 18th annual Awesome Biker Nights will open with Black Oak Arkansas and close with Black Stone Cherry! How good is that??? Get your butts out there and party with us!!

DONE!  Wow, what a night !! Many thanks to Black Stone Cherry for their friendship and the nice shout-out that they gave to us from on-stage.

June 18th…

If you live in or near Dubuque, Iowa… watch out! Black Oak Arkansas is ‘a headin’ your way!! We’ll be jammin’ at the Mississippi Moon Bar… and we’ll be howlin’! Get yourselves on out here!

DONE! An incredible crowd and a new buncha friends were made at this venue> Many thanks to the Diamond Jo casino and the Mississippi Moon Bar!


July 1st…

Well, friends and neighbors, we’re headed back to Little Rock, Arkansas for another “Boogie Down Night” at the Four Quarter Bar! Last time was a party, but this time is a party and a half!! Come on out!
DONE! As usual, our home state and the folks therein treated us like family… with a totally packed house and our good friends Framing the Red sharin’ a stage with us. Thank you Four Quarter Bar, Lil’ Dave Glover and Dennis Stone for bringin’ back the memories, J.R. Holiday for being the roadie I could never afford… and thank you to my homefolks! You always make me proud.


July 21st-
Well gang, we’re headed to Mayfield, Kentucky! We’ve got so many friends in that lil’ ol’ state that it’s just GOT to be a party!! More info will be poppin’ up here soon!

Another Kentucky Party time!!

DONE! A great place with good people! Had some equipment trouble, but it didn’t stop the party! Thank yoyu all.


August 5th…

Time again for the Tommy Bolin Festival back in Sioux City, Iowa! Bring your money, your friends, your appetite and your ears!!!
Done! As usual, The Bolin Fest itself was a blast! Johnnie and company had secured the entire 11th floor of the Howard Johnson hotel, and a party was quickly under way!!! Many thanks to our friends and fans who came out not only to support the bands… but to remember a good friend who left us all too soon. We miss ya, Tommy, but we’ll be back next time to once again remember the good ol’ days.


August 10th –
Well, okay then! STURGIS!!! BOA will be entertainin’ all ‘a you tens of thousands of bikers at the Sturgis, S.D. Bike Rally this year at what was once known as Elkview campground… but under new management is now Kickstand!! More info headed your way soon! Partytime!
Done! This new venue that we played at, Kickstand, has only been coming together since February, but it’s gonna be a doozie! Really nice folks runnin’ the place and a beautiful location right on the outskirts of Sturgis downtown! Many thanks to our friends in Black Stone Cherry who played the night before we did for their hospitality and an incredible show. The band house on the top of the mountain was a real hoot, and we shared it with Creed and friends! An adventure for sure, and one that we’d love to do again sometime soon!


October 7th…

(ATTENTION! THE FOLLOWING CONCERT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. THE HAS BEEN NO REASON GIVEN AS OF YET.SORRY.) Hi again, gang! It looks like we’ll be ‘a partyin’ with our Tennessee friends in Pigeon Forge for a get-down boogie at the Hard Rock!!  I don’t see any reason that this date won’t be a total BLAST! See ya there!


Here we go, gang, on a one- two- three shot of East Coast Rocktober shows!
October 26th, we’re gonna be in Westbury, N.Y. at the NYBC Theatre jammin’ out with Molly Hatchet and the Outlaws!! Sound like fun? Then bring your carcass down there and party with us!
Southern Rocktober Fest with: Molly Hatchet (“Flirtin’ With Disaster”, “Dreams I’ll Never See”), The Outlaws (“(Ghost) Riders In The Sky”, “Green Grass & High Tides”) & Black Oak Arkansas (“Gettin’ Kinda Cocky”, “Mutants Of The Monster”)

Performed in the Full Round. Everyone needs a ticket regardless of Age. Interested in VIP Membership and Premium Seating for our events? For information please call 516-247-5211 Members. get the best seats!

DONE! What a great show show, and in a dadgum round building with a stage that rotates! It was a incredible turnout, and it was so cool to see our friends again in Molly Hatchet and the Outlaws. The management treated us great, and we’d be proud to come back and play for you folks ANYTIME!


Okay gang, here’s the second of a one…two…three shot for the East Coast in the Fall!!!!! October 27th… one day before my birthday… Pennsylvania! Molly Hatchet and Black Oak Arkansas at Penns Peak!!
Penn’s Peak… 325 Maury Rd, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania 18229
Moms and Dads…hide yur daughters!! WE’RE COMIN”!

DONE! WOW! I just love this venue! All of the wood gave the place such a warm sound and made us country boys feel right at home. We hung out with Phil from Molly Hatchet for awhile backstage before show time, we had a great set ourselves… and Phil announced in front of about 4000 folks that tomorrow was my birthday! I watched on the big screens as all of Molly Hatchet and the entire crowd stood and sang Happy Birthday to me! Ya coulda knocked me over with a chicken feather. It looks like we may be invited back next year, and you couldn’t keep me away with a crowbar! Thank y’all for those moments.


Punch number three? Well east coast buddies… how about some Black Oak Arkansas jammin’ out with Molly Hatchet and the Outlaws on October 28th (my birthday!) in Wallingford, Connecticut at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre?

It’s been WAY too long since we were there, and it looks like this is gonna happen! I’m hoping to see my old friend Bobby T lurkin’ about! It’s boogie time!

DONE! A party and a half, and my brother Bobby Torello was there in style! He’s got a copy of my book now, and I expect I’ll hear back from him soon. This closing date was the cherry on top of my birthday cake… and we all slammed! East coast, count us in on headin’ back your way as soon as we get an invite! Y’all were great!



Well heck, while we’re in Arkansas playin’ some tunes… we might as well hit Ft. Smith again!! Be lookin’ for us at the Sound Room on November 11th, and we’ll be partyin’ with a whole herd of our friends and family! How ’bout you?


Hey gang… on the 15th of December, be watchin’ out for the BOA family showin’ up in Jackson, MS with our friends Framing the Red at Martin’s Restaurant and Bar! Good food, good booze and great music! How can you lose??


December the 16th will find Black Oak Arkansas lurkin’ around Millbrook, AL with our amigos Framing the Red !! We’re gonna be layin’ down them good ol’ tunes at the Thirsty Turtle that night, and if Santa is around… y’all can be sure to get his autograph! Saddle up yur reindeer and come on out!